Wyze- monitoring camera

All things related to a baby are so expensive these days! We can get adult clothes and shoes way cheaper than for kids. We have been looking for a good baby monitor and we didn’t find anything that we liked or within our budget. One day when my husband went shopping at Walmart, he sawContinue reading “Wyze- monitoring camera”

How I spent the 4th of July long weekend

Last weekend was a long weekend because of the 4th of July holiday. As you all know, during long weekends the tourist attractions will be full of people. It is very difficult to find a good parking spot too. So we decided to explore local events and do some shopping. Saturday Saturday Adi and IContinue reading “How I spent the 4th of July long weekend”

Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, California

Last Sunday, the weather was too hot to go out. So we thought to drive to a cooler place. Point Reyes was the first location that came to mind. When we checked the weather it was colder than we wanted. So we went to Lake Tahoe. We have been to Lake Tahoe before, but notContinue reading “Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, California”


Yesterday I got a notification from WordPress that it is my blog-Carving my path’s Anniversary. It has already been a year since I started this blog. My last post was in March and then I got a little busy with life πŸ˜€. March is when the daylight savings started and the days started getting longer.Continue reading “Momlife”

An interesting TV show- SUITS

I watched a tv show recently and it was very interesting. I actually started to watch it just to take my mind off for a while and then I was not able to take my mind off of the show! So much drama and comedy and it made me keep watching one episode after another.Continue reading “An interesting TV show- SUITS”


Last weekend I went to a lake nearby with family and it was a lot of fun and relaxing. I needed that very much after being home all day for a couple of weeks. The house was a mess as I was sick and last weekend I needed some time to tidy up a little.Continue reading “Reset”