Yesterday I got a notification from WordPress that it is my blog-Carving my path’s Anniversary. It has already been a year since I started this blog. My last post was in March and then I got a little busy with life πŸ˜€. March is when the daylight savings started and the days started getting longer.Continue reading “Momlife”

Spring blossoms- mobile photography

Spring is almost here and the trees already started flowering for the season. I captured a few pictures of two types of blossoms. Cherry plum blossoms and callery pear blossoms. The whole tree will be covered in flowers and they look very beautiful. Cherry plum blossoms These are pale pink in color and has aContinue reading “Spring blossoms- mobile photography”


Last weekend I went to a lake nearby with family and it was a lot of fun and relaxing. I needed that very much after being home all day for a couple of weeks. The house was a mess as I was sick and last weekend I needed some time to tidy up a little.Continue reading “Reset”

Evening walk

It has been a while since I posted here. I was busy with our birthdays and then we all got sick. I have been home for more than two weeks and I am getting out for little walks again. Today I went for a walk alone after a very very long time and it feltContinue reading “Evening walk”

Fall colors 2021

Fall colors, this is what I love the most about this season and the weather when fall starts. The leaves turn into vibrant colors and they look beautiful. We do not get to see this in all parts of the world. I am happy that I got to see this and capture the moment throughContinue reading “Fall colors 2021”

A Day out with family in October – Apple picking and Pumpkin Patch visit

A day out with family is always fun. But it is hard to decide where to go due to the current situation. My husband and I got our COVID vaccine and we always wear a mask when we go out. But our son is just one and half years old and we can not makeContinue reading “A Day out with family in October – Apple picking and Pumpkin Patch visit”

What do I pack while going out with my toddler

Getting ready to go out to spend some time in the park or shopping takes time when you have a toddler. You have to be ready for all situations and think of many possibilities. Lots of things to pack. I was always slow in getting ready and now that I am a mom it’s evenContinue reading “What do I pack while going out with my toddler”

Time with nature

Do you get bored often? Do you feel stressed ? Nature has the best solution for you. Do not think fancy when I say nature. I am not talking about the beautiful vacation places and take time out of regular work and all. I am talking about getting outdoors even if its just to theContinue reading “Time with nature”