Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, California

Last Sunday, the weather was too hot to go out. So we thought to drive to a cooler place. Point Reyes was the first location that came to mind. When we checked the weather it was colder than we wanted. So we went to Lake Tahoe. We have been to Lake Tahoe before, but notContinue reading “Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, California”

Day trip to Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple, Stockton, California

I had my first road trip of the year last Monday. We did not plan any trip for the new year’s holiday. It was a sudden plan to take a road trip to the Buddhist temple in Stockton. It was a one-hour drive for us. I prepared a quick meal for the day and packedContinue reading “Day trip to Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple, Stockton, California”