How to get amazon gift card

Who doesn’t love shopping on Amazon? ! What if I can tell you that you can get Amazon gift cards by doing simple tasks like searching on the web or watching videos or submitting your grocery receipt. Yes, that is true and I am going to share 3 awesome mobile apps with you which IContinue reading “How to get amazon gift card”

Wyze- monitoring camera

All things related to a baby are so expensive these days! We can get adult clothes and shoes way cheaper than for kids. We have been looking for a good baby monitor and we didn’t find anything that we liked or within our budget. One day when my husband went shopping at Walmart, he sawContinue reading “Wyze- monitoring camera”

An interesting TV show- SUITS

I watched a tv show recently and it was very interesting. I actually started to watch it just to take my mind off for a while and then I was not able to take my mind off of the show! So much drama and comedy and it made me keep watching one episode after another.Continue reading “An interesting TV show- SUITS”

Why you should do a regular dental checkup.

It had been 3 years since I visited a dentist and this month I decided to take up on the free dental checkup that comes with the insurance we have been paying for. Here they take complete dental X-rays during the doctor’s visit. I knew I had one decay in the front teeth that hadContinue reading “Why you should do a regular dental checkup.”

10 things to do when you have cloudy weather for many days

Cloudy weather in winter is boring. Staying inside the house all day stresses you out. Being a mom I have to come up with activities for my son too. I am sharing what I did for the past few days to keep me busy. Watch something new on TV My son loves cocomelon songs onContinue reading “10 things to do when you have cloudy weather for many days”

Blogging, Art and housework – a schedule for all of it

Past few days I have been concentrating more on cleaning and tidying up and all other housework. My kitchen and fridge are looking a lot better now and I am loving it. I was doing it all in the ‘me-time that I have assigned for myself. Also, I took naps on a few days becauseContinue reading “Blogging, Art and housework – a schedule for all of it”


It has been 6 years since I started wearing spectacles. I changed my look each time I got a new prescription. It is due for my eye check-up and I am sure I will get a new prescription. That means a new spectacle! I do not use spectacles the entire day if I am atContinue reading “Spectacle”

What do I pack while going out with my toddler

Getting ready to go out to spend some time in the park or shopping takes time when you have a toddler. You have to be ready for all situations and think of many possibilities. Lots of things to pack. I was always slow in getting ready and now that I am a mom it’s evenContinue reading “What do I pack while going out with my toddler”