Budget-friendly cutlery organization

In the beginning, when I moved to the USA after marriage we had a limited number of kitchen items. As years passed, we kept adding more for several reasons like guests coming in, new family member and some because we loved it πŸ˜ƒ

Cutlery is the most used item and we found it so hard to keep track of them( mainly spoons) if we have clean ones for next meal time!

As things getting added to my kitchen it has become difficult to store them and find them easily when needed.

So I decided to organize them. I used to keep all my cutlery together in a box in my kitchen drawer. I saw many videos on Instagram and YouTube where they use the nice tray that has separate sections for a spoon, fork, butter knife, etc. and I wanted to buy one of those.

When I browsed to find a nice deal on that I found that to be expensive and I did not want to spend much money on organizing! Luckily I found that dollar tree store has that cutlery organizing tray.

The store to which I went had two types of trays. The one I bought is from the ‘madesmart ‘ brand and it is well made. And its cost was just $1.25, Very budget-friendly!

I was not sure if it will fit into the drawer in which I keep my cutlery. Surprisingly it was a perfect fit and I am so happy with my purchase πŸ˜ƒ


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