Wyze- monitoring camera

All things related to a baby are so expensive these days! We can get adult clothes and shoes way cheaper than for kids.

We have been looking for a good baby monitor and we didn’t find anything that we liked or within our budget.

One day when my husband went shopping at Walmart, he saw this Wyze monitoring camera for a decent price. He thought to give it a try and we love it now.

It came with a magnetic sticker for wall attachment. You can also keep it anywhere on a flat surface. The only thing is that it needs to be plugged in. We use it as a crib camera. Sometimes I even set it up in the living room to keep an eye on Adi playing while I cook! It is so convenient and we got it for a good price too!

To get a live video I have the Wyze app on my phone and iPad. I can get the feed on any or both devices at a time. It also has a two-way audio feed. I can talk to Adi through the camera and ask him to go back to sleep(to which he never listens ! ) if he wakes up. I can watch and listen to him if he is singing and dancing in the crib while I am washing dishes๐Ÿ˜„!

You can also take pictures and record videos in the Wyze app. It saves on your device in which you use the Wyze app.

This monitoring camera has been so useful to us as a baby monitor. If you are looking for a baby monitor and you find it expensive you can use this as an alternative.

This is the one we got at Walmart : WYZE CAM V2, Model: WYZEC2

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. It is my experience with this product we bought and I thought this information would be useful to someone out there!

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