Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, California

Last Sunday, the weather was too hot to go out. So we thought to drive to a cooler place. Point Reyes was the first location that came to mind. When we checked the weather it was colder than we wanted. So we went to Lake Tahoe.

We have been to Lake Tahoe before, but not to Kings beach.

Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, California

It was a 1 hour 45 minutes drive for us. As usual, I cooked meals for our road trip and we took some fruits and snacks too. We also took our portable chairs to sit and relax on the beach, some toys for Adi, and change of clothes.

As we reached there, we had our lunch and then we headed to the beach.

Vegetable fried rice

Kings beach is a very beautiful and nice place to chill during summer. This is on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Even though it is not a sea shore we could see some smaller waves on the shore of the lake. The water was very clear and beautiful. Beach was full of sand like a sea shore and our son enjoyed playing there.

Adi also had his chair with cute paw patrol prints

It was not as cool as we expected there. The sand was very hot. But the water was cool. So we all (especially Adi!) enjoyed playing in the cool water and hot sand.

We got hungry late in the afternoon and my husband got us pizza from Whitecaps Pizza nearby while we played in the water.

There were restrooms and some restaurants nearby. Even some water taps outside the restroom to wash sandy sandals πŸ˜„

Before heading back home we went to a Starbucks nearby. I got a dragon drink, a new taste for me, and it was kinda good!. Adi got his afternoon nap late in the evening on the way back. When he woke up we almost reached home and he was asking to go to the beach! πŸ˜„

Dragon drink from Starbucks

We all had fun and it was a nice Weekend.

Thank you for stopping by.

When you go to a beach, do you like to get into the water or do you relax on the beach? Let me know in the comments below.

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