Yesterday I got a notification from WordPress that it is my blog-Carving my path’s Anniversary. It has already been a year since I started this blog.

My last post was in March and then I got a little busy with life 😀.

March is when the daylight savings started and the days started getting longer. Adi( my son) and I started to go out in the evening to play and for a little walk. He and I, both started making new friends and then it became a routine for us. I enjoyed meeting new people and making friends, chatting, and watching Adi play with all the kids. We both look forward to going out in the evening now.

Playing in the courtyard

Our apartment courtyard was our playground until we got an email from the management not to play there! Now we go to a nearby park. Adi and I miss our friends and sometimes we still meet in the courtyard just to catch up.

I love the sunset view from the park🤩

With the changes in routine and some afternoon naps, started the shortage of time 😀. Blogging and my art took a back seat for a while. I believe I am getting settled in with the new routine and finding some time for myself again. Hoping to write more and create some artwork in the coming days. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, I got a little space set up for my artwork with a new desk and tripod to record my art videos.

My new art space (home studio/office😀)

So that’s my life update and a short blog post for today.

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