Last weekend I went to a lake nearby with family and it was a lot of fun and relaxing. I needed that very much after being home all day for a couple of weeks.

Lake, tree, and meadow 😍

The house was a mess as I was sick and last weekend I needed some time to tidy up a little. So we ordered food for lunch and Adi was playing with his dad. I managed to clean a little in that time.

After lunch, we went to a lake nearby. Adi enjoyed running through the meadow, picking up sticks and leaves, watching planes and birds. I enjoyed sitting and watching him play.

A relaxing afternoon by the lake

I love spending time with nature. The green meadow and the wildflowers were looking so beautiful. A relaxing Sunday afternoon helped me to ease my mind and reset.

Wildflowers and lake
Yellow wildflowers close up

This week I did not stick to my cleaning schedule and took care of things as and when possible. I took Adi for walks and the park. I cooked us nice meals. What I mean to say is I felt very productive this week and it was nice😊.

It’s park time….

What helps you to reset and get back to your daily routine after being sick? Let me know in the comments below.


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