10 things to do when you have cloudy weather for many days

Cloudy weather in winter is boring. Staying inside the house all day stresses you out. Being a mom I have to come up with activities for my son too. I am sharing what I did for the past few days to keep me busy.

Watch something new on TV

My son loves cocomelon songs on YouTube. He watches only a few songs repeatedly. So I thought of showing him something new. I put on a few episodes of ‘Mighty little Bheem’ on YouTube. It is there on the Netflix Jr channel. Now Adi loves these episodes too. They have many animals in the story and the stories are good.

YouTube screenshot

Take a nap

A nap in the afternoon is nice. Especially during the cloudy winter days, it feels good to curl up under the blanket and feel warm and cozy. I usually do not take nap. When my son takes a nap in the afternoon, I do some drawing or write a blog post, or check my social media.

I rely on natural sunlight for my drawing and it was hard to find some for the past few days! So I took nice naps and it felt so refreshing. I slept early at night too. Mommy needs a lot of sleep sometimes😀

Bake/cook something new

Baking is good for winter days. It makes your house warm and smells nice. You can bake or cook something new or something of your favorites.

I tried a new pasta recipe and baked something savory. Both turned out ok even though they were not so great 😀

Treat yourself to something yummy

Sometimes it is boring to cook or to eat the same thing .Treat yourself to something yummy.

Image from pexel

We got some snacks for the evening tea on one day and a pizza for dinner on another day.

Clean your house

Not able to go out for a walk allows you a little extra free time. Make use of that time to clean something that you wanted to do for a while now or do some deep clean.

I cleaned our soap dish, removed hair from the shower drain, and did some cleaning here and there in the corners where we usually do not notice.

Decorate your home

Adding some home decor is always fun. I wanted to put some of my art on the wall for a while now and this week I got some time for that. So my tiger drawing ( one of my favorites ) is framed and ready to be on the wall. All I have to do is buy some board pins for that. I tried to put it up with double-sided tape and it did not work!

Framed this 4 years after sketching

Go shopping

A Little cloudy weather need not stop you from some shopping fun.

We all got some new clothes ( jacket and shoes for my son) for us, some household items that we needed and did some grocery shopping too.

New shoe

Dance a little

Dancing a little can warm you up and make you feel energetic. You can dance alone or with your partner or with your kids.

For me, it is dancing with my son for the sounds of his toys and his favorite songs😃.

Image from pexel


Being home all day, we forget to take care of our health. Do some exercise at home or go to the gym.

I do not exercise much. I go for walk with my son. I could not take him out for past few days due to the weather. It is very cold and the humidity is too high with no sunshine. The little dancing I did with him is what I consider as exercise 😀.

Rounding up my points

Do what is possible for you and what makes you happy. It is not easy to stay motivated during the cloudy winter days. Be creative and stay healthy and happy. Rounding up the 10 things to do .

  • Watch something new on TV
  • Take a nap
  • Bake/cook something new
  • Treat yourself to something yummy
  • Clean your house
  • Decorate your home
  • Go shopping
  • Dance a little
  • Exercise

What would you like to do on cloudy days? Let me know in the comments below.


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