Road trip to Point Reyes, California

Point Reyes lighthouse

Planning a road trip can be challenging especially when the weather keeps changing everyday. When going to point Reyes it is a good idea to check the weather before your trip. It gets very cold and foggy there even with a little low temperature. I know this because it was very cold last time I went there.

Stopped for the view

This time we made sure to check the weather and pick a nice sunny day. It was a very nice trip . It was green everywhere and the weather was lovely. Not too cold or hot. We got to see wildlife and a lot of cows.

A lot of cows on the way. Made this stop by the road and watched cows for a few minutes. Adi enjoyed this the most I think πŸ™‚

My husband and I had everything prepared the previous days. Got the car serviced. filled up gas, cooking, ironing, etc. It was a 2 and half hours drive. We had our breakfast and left the house around 9:30 am. We had packed snacks, a home-cooked meal, fruits, and water for the journey. We made one stop on the way. I forgot to get my mask and we bought one box full of masks from the store πŸ™‚

Home-cooked meal (pulav)

Cypress Tree Tunnel – Point Reyes, California

This time our main point was the cypress tree tunnel. We missed seeing that the last time we visited there. All I can say is it is a very beautiful and magical place. The trees on both sides of the road makes a natural tunnel shape and we can walk under the shades. The road was closed for public vehicles. It is a very good spot for any photoshoots. It

Cypress tree tunnel- point eyes, California

We walked there for a while and took a lot of pictures. Adi wanted to keep walking there and didn’t want us to carry him at all.

Point Reyes Lighthouse,California

Point Reyes lighthouse. This image is from our visit in May 2018.

This lighthouse is in the Point Reyes National Seashore. The drive from the cypress tree tunnel to the lighthouse was very nice. Green meadows on both sides of the road were beautiful and we saw a lot of cows, deer, and elk. We wanted to stop there but it is getting dark very soon nowadays and we dint want to miss the lighthouse view. Also, we dint have network coverage to our cell phone and we took a wrong turn.

The wrong turn wasn’t that bad! We got to see this beautiful view.

You have to walk a little from the parking lot and then take a lot of steps down to reach the lighthouse.

Seashore view from the top

The parking lot was already full and we had to park far away on the side of the road . We didn’t want to take the stroller on the road with moving traffic and carried Adi all the way. It was a little difficult to manage as we had to climb towards the lighthouse.

Point Reyes lighthouse, California. Image from our visit in 2020 November.

We decided not to take the steps but view the lighthouse from above. It is difficult to carry Adi through the steps. It was almost time to sunset and it started getting very windy and chilly. Adi had a little discomfort from the cold wind blowing on to his face and he kept saying gaalii…. gaalii….(gaalii=wind). We headed back to the car and the sun was setting.

Ocean view from the top

After sunset, we started our drive back home. We had dinner at a restaurant near our house and reached home around 9 pm. It was a very nice road trip and we all enjoyed it a lot.

Just after the sunset

Road trip tips:

  • Check the weather before traveling and plan accordingly.
  • Pack your meals- It saves time and money.
  • Check your car and fill up gas the previous day.
  • Start early and take breaks during the long drive. (I still have to get better at starting early πŸ™‚ )
  • Take a lot of snacks and toys for your kids.
  • Get your phone charger.
  • Get an extra plastic bag for the trash. (I always forget this )

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Have you ever been to Point Reyes, or are you planning to visit? Which road trip tip did you find helpful? Let me know in the comments below.


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