First Halloween celebration

Cute costumes, trick or treating, yummy chocolates, and decorating our home what not to enjoy about Halloween with kids! So I wanted to celebrate Halloween and experience the joy of trick-or-treating with Adi.

Jack-O-Lantern . But it had a red light!

We bought two Jack-O-lanterns, one to keep on the balcony and one more to keep at the front of the door. I made a papercraft pumpkin garland by following a YouTube tutorial. I used it to decorate the front door.

DIY papercraft pumpkin garland

We got one candy basket for trick-or-treating. And a lot of candies to hand out to other kids who visited us.

We actually ordered a Bear costume for Adi which did not arrive on time. So I got a little creative and painted our faces. I didn’t plan on painting my face but then I wanted to give Adi company after the last-minute changes.

Mom and son ready for trick-or-treating.
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During our evening walks for the past few days, I noticed many people had kept pumpkins outside their homes. So I thought many people are participating in trick-or-treating. But many pumpkins were gone on the day of Halloween and some houses had posted a notice on the front door β€˜Do not ring the bell, No candyβ€˜!

We enjoyed the new experience. Adi enjoyed rolling the candy basket on the floor and even on the streets more than anything! We got a few treats. One family asked if he has got teeth before giving him candy. They wanted to make sure he gets the right candy I think. So sweet of them. πŸ™‚

Look how many Candies I got!

In the evening we went out to see Halloween decorations in other places and took pictures there. It was a fun-filled day.

How was your Halloween? Did you participate in trick-or-treating? What is your favorite thing about Halloween?


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