A Day out with family in October – Apple picking and Pumpkin Patch visit

A day out with family is always fun. But it is hard to decide where to go due to the current situation. My husband and I got our COVID vaccine and we always wear a mask when we go out. But our son is just one and half years old and we can not make him wear a mask( Hmmm… its a different story but he doesn’t like to wear a cap or a hat or a sunglass either. He doesn’t even like a blanket on him to sleep. Then how can I make him wear a mask!?). So we try to avoid indoor activity and crowded places.

It is October and people go to pumpkin patches and to see fall colors around this time of the year here. I wanted to get pictures of our son in the pumping patch (and mine too!).

Pumpkin at the Delfino farm shop

Also, we are planning to participate in trick-or-treating this year. I think our son will enjoy it. So I suggested we go to some pumpkin patch nearby. My husband wanted to go for apple picking too. We have never been to both apple orchard and pumpkin patch before and it is the right time for both. Apple picking would be good in September but it is still not too late. Thanks to his friend whose Facebook photos reminded us of Apple picking.

Private apple orchard on our way

We searched for the nearest apple orchard that allowed us to pick apples. Luckily they also had a pumpkin patch too. So we decided to do both on the same day.

We packed home-cooked meals, water and snacks for our road trip. We started from home around 11:30 am and it was an hour of drive to the destination. When we reached there we got refreshed and had our lunch in the car. Then we went to ask about apple picking. But they said they were not allowing to pick apples that day. So we bought some apples and persimmon from there(Both were very fresh and tasty).

Persimmon fruits

Then we went to another orchard (Rainbow Orchard) nearby and they also said no picking!. I think it’s because the trees were almost out of apples. We should have gone there a few weeks before. At the second Orchard, we asked around to find out which orchard is allowing to pick apples that day and they gave us a map and told us about Pine-O-mine ranch.

Apple picking

The apple orchard at Pine-O-Mine Ranch was very beautiful and we were so glad that they were open to apple picking that day. They had two varieties – Granny Smith (green apple) and Fuji apples.

Granny Smith apple ( green apple) tree

I do not like the green apple much due to its sour taste. It is more sour than sweet. I like the fuji apples. The ones we picked were so fresh, crunchy, and tasty. So we picked a lot of fuji and some green apples.

Fuji apples that we picked
Fuji apples
Fuji apple tree

Our son enjoyed so much running around in the orchard and he could reach and touch a few apples on the tree. He was so excited about it. We gave one to him and it kept falling from his hand. Then we found one tiny apple for him to hold and he didn’t leave it or eat it till we came back to the car. He kept shouting apple…apple….. He ate it after coming home and he wanted some more!

Pumpking Patch

The ranch had a pumpkin patch too. This is the first time we visited one and it was a good experience. They had all big-sized pumpkins and it was a beautiful patch.

Pine-O-Mine pumpkin patch

Our son still had that tiny apple in his and was running around in the patch. He was so excited to see a lot of pumpkins on the ground and kept shouting ‘pakeeen …. pakeeen…’ and also apple….. by showing the one in his hand πŸ˜ƒ)


The apple picking and pumpkin patch visit was a very nice experience and we enjoyed the day out. We bought some juice at the store there and it was tasty. We headed back home in the evening and our son fell asleep halfway through in the car. We got a nice view of the sunset too.

Sunset view from the back seat of our car

Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch or apple picking? What is your favorite thing about October? Let me know in the comments below.

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