As a homemaker, I have a lot of responsibilities. There is a lot on my plate to do and I do it all every day. People may have different opinions about what a homemaker should and should not do. But I think it is my responsibility to make my home a happy place for us.

Me as a homemaker

Cooking, tidying up, washing dishes, cleaning, etc are the main things I need to do every day. Then there are some I can do it once or twice a week like taking care of laundry, cleaning less used areas, etc. And then a lot of other things that I do to make our home look and feel comfy, cozy, safe, beautiful, and happy!

We have both wooden floor and carpet areas in our home. Having the right tools makes the job a little easy and interesting. (Photo from Pexels.com)

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Me as a mom

Once I became a mom to our cute little son πŸ₯° , a lot more responsibilities came along. Preparing baby food, brushing his teeth, bathing him, changing diaper many times a day, washing his feeding bottles, feeding, playing with him, soothing him whenever he cries, taking him out for a walk, etc. . Meanwhile, I also need to do all the things I do as a homemaker.

My son used to be all happy about brushing when he first started. But now it is always a battle in the morning! (Photo from Pexels.com.)

Me as a homemaker and mom

I am not very enthusiastic about organizing, cleaning, and cooking stuff. I cook every day, clean whenever possible( you know how that goes when you have a toddler! ), and organize once in a while. Being a mom it is not easy to do it all. Sometimes I get tired, sometimes I get bored, sometimes I don’t want to do it now! , sometimes my son is not letting me do anything other than be with him and play, sometimes I forget, sometimes I have too many things to do and I don’t know where to start!

In my post 8 hours sleep and me time I mentioned that I found a sleep schedule that I am comfortable with. It turns out I am not very comfortable with that schedule. If I wake up soon, my son is not sleeping well at that time and he needs me to be by his side. That leaves me with no sleep and not finishing any work too! So I am back to waking up with him. But I am trying to stick to the β€˜me time’ in the afternoon. If I am too tired I sleep at that time. If not I sketch, or I write a blog post or check social media, etc. Also sometimes I put away the fresh laundry during this time! It’s not actually what I want to do during me-time but folding clothes takes a lot and a lot of time 😭.

Folding clothes takes a lot of time. So I started to do it in batches. Also, I do not fold tiny clothes like socks, face towels, and daily wears of my son. I categorize them and put them in separate boxes. (Photo from Pexels.com)

What am I planning/thinking to do to make my task a little easy and interesting!

  • Make a schedule for my tasks like vacuuming, mopping, and putting away the fresh laundry, etc. As of now, I do not have any schedule for my house chores. I do it as it fits.
  • Post homemaking content on Instagram! I think this will motivate me to do a task with some fun photoshoots. Not sure though, I am just thinking and writing about it too!
  • Try again to see if that sleep schedule works for me now.

Check this video that I made about my new wringer mop. Isn’t it interesting when you have a new cleaning tool?

Do you think posting homemaking content on Instagram is a good idea? Will such content motivate you to do your house chores or help you in any other way? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Reading how other people deal with cleaning etc is interesting, motivating and can give the reader ideas about were they can cut down, improve or what items can help the process. It’s interesting to see how priorities and cleaning regimes change as new family members come along.

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