An evening by the river

I love to spend time near water. Whether it is a river, lake, falls, Ocean, or a small pond.

There is a bridge over the river nearby our home. Many people go there for a walk, cycling or running. Some others visit just to sit there by the river.

A few days ago we went there in the evening to spend some time and relax. This time we took our portable chairs too. Something to sit comfortably and lean on makes all the difference.

My son and I were walking along the riverside for a while and my husband went to take a look around to see if something more interesting is there. Once he came back my son and he started playing and I went with my phone to click some pictures.

If you have read my previous posts, you know how much I love to take pictures. I found some lovely wildflowers this time.

Shortpod mustard
Spring madia
Brazilian vervain
Western goldentop
Yellow star-thistle. This one is from our previous visit

Usually, there will be many ducks swimming around in the river. Many people come here and feed the ducks. So it has become a habit for them to come near us looking for food! This time there were not many ducks near us. They were on the other side.

The below images are from our previous visit.

4 little ducks went swimming one dayπŸ˜€
How many ducks are there in this photo? Comment belowπŸ™‚
Pebbles by this river are beautiful. They are in different sizes and shapes.

I have added so many images and it has become a photography post now πŸ™‚

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Chilling by the river. Portable chairs are so helpful.

Which is your favorite picture in this post? Do not say it’s my selfie! 😎


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