When I was little, I used to collect as many wildflowers as possible from our front yard and then count how many varieties I got. It was a lot of fun. There were some tiny flowers and some bunches and a few big ones too. Flowers are lovely and bring happiness.

My love for flowers has been there for a long time. Now I just look at them. I would love to pick them and bring them home. But the flowers will dry soon once I cut them and then I just have to throw them away!. Instead, I take pictures of them to bring them home with me and the happy memory can be with me forever if my phone does not crash which may happen anytime soon by the way I use it I think!

Flower photography

I could not resist and picked some of these white wildflowers

I take pictures whenever I go out on a trip or a walk or shopping or anytime I go out. All these pictures are taken with my phone. I hope you like them.

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Flower art

I also paint flowers, draw flowers and decorate my home with flowers. I can’t get enough of them, so I browse Instagram for more flower pictures.

Acrylic painting on paper.
Tulip – graphite drawing
Acrylic painting on paper
Digital art done on my phone. I used adobe sketch app for this.
A sketch of rose in graphite pencil.

If you like my art check my art blog

Flower home decor

I have some flowers for home decorations too. I recently bought two of these(in photos) from 99 cents store.

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Flowers make me smile and they make me happy. So I try to keep them around. Or go out to see some. When I go for a walk my eyes look for flowers. If I see one I smile.

Which one is your favorite from the above pictures? Do you love flowers like me? What do you do with flowers – take pictures or paint or draw or decorate or look at them and smile.

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