Without water

Yesterday there was water shut off for some maintenance purpose. We were unprepared even though the management sent out a notification. There is a reason for that. This water shut-off thing has been going on for a few days now.

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We used to receive printed notifications stuck to our front door saying there will be temporary water shut off. Shut-off was happening for a few minutes and we were never affected by that. Wednesday when we received one more such notification we thought it would be similar maintenance.

But yesterday morning suddenly there was no water supply! Then I went and read the notification once again and it was mentioned that there will be no water supply till 2 pm. This is the first time the management mentioned the time duration and we missed noticing it!

I always made sure to brush my son’s teeth every day even though he has only 4 of them. But yesterday we ate cereal without brushing! Yuck… I know! But how long one can stay hungry!

Thankfully I had all the dishes cleaned the previous day night itself. I used our drinking water for some cooking. A few months ago we switched from filtered water to bottled water for drinking and we had a 5 gallons bottle filled the previous day, luckily. Baby wipes came in handy too in this situation.

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At 2 pm exact the water supply started again and it was a happy moment for us all. We learned that we should read all the notifications very carefully going forward.

Photo from pexel

5 hours without water was very difficult to manage. Every drop counts when we have a limited supply.

Have you been in such a situation? Spending even a few hours without water is difficult isn’t it!?

Save water.


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7 thoughts on “Without water

  1. A few years ago, where I lived we had a water boil advisory, which although it’s not the same as a shut off (I have had those too for maintenance) it lasted for a week. We were only allowed to use bottled water for cooking, washing, drinking, brushing teeth, showering, etc. I don’t know why it was called a boil advisory as we couldn’t even use the boiled water (I think it was to differentiate it from a shutoff, as the water was still flowing just unusable). It was so stressful! It sounded like you coped really well despite being caught unawares of the length of time it was to last!

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    1. Boil advisory, that is new for me.
      That too for a week.. , yes it is so stressful situation.!
      Thanks to bottled water we can somehow manage such situations πŸ™‚
      Thank you for sharing your experience πŸ™


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