Why you should decorate your home

home decor

When we live in a place away from home for a job or our education or any other reason we tend to live in a rented house. We furnish it with what is needed and make it cozy.

When it comes to a rented house we try to minimize household items. Mainly because you may be moving very often or due to limited space. This applies to decorative items too. But I think having some decorative items, that you like, around the house will be very nice. This gives a personal touch and makes you feel at home.

Vase with flowers, photo from pexel

Empty walls and shelves are kinda boring when you are home always. We recently moved into a new apartment and I bought some artificial flowers and photo frames to add some personal touch. It would be nice to have some real flowers but they won’t last forever. Buying flowers, again and again, will be so expensive, and artificial flowers that look a little realistic will do just fine when it comes to budget. Also, You can find some nice ones in 99 cents store or dollar tree for just a dollar!

Photo from pexel

Make sure you are not spending too much if you are on a budget. Also do not avoid decorating completely. Some family pictures and flowers are my favorites when it comes to home decor. I got photos printed for free for Amazon prime day! So keep a lookout for offers to save some bucks on this. DIY home decor is another option to have a personal touch and save money.

Keep decors that bring you joy around the house to add a little happiness.

The featured photo is from pixabay.

Do you like decorating your home? Do you buy or DIY decors?


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9 thoughts on “Why you should decorate your home

  1. I’m pretty minimal in my home but I do love having a few bit of decor to light up a room. Flowers are a great choice and always make me feel good πŸ™‚

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    1. DIY arts are great choice for home decor. When it is your children’s art, even better. πŸ€—

      I have animal stickers I bought from Amazon on the wall. It’s for my son, but actually I love it more than him I think πŸ˜†


  2. I love having a tidy home. I think it’s important to take ownership of the spaces you live at home. It brings clarity of mind. I also love plants. They bring life to the place. Thank you for sharing your tips πŸ™

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