You feel happy when something happens the way you want. You feel happy when someone surprises you with something special. You feel happy when something you have been waiting for long happens.

There is a lot of things that can make you happy. Do what makes you happy. Recognize the little things that made you happy and be thankful.

Photo by Julia Avamotive from Pexels

A Lot of things made me happy last month that I would like to share.

Our son started walking

Our little baby, Adithya started walking without support. He can not reach where he wants to go but he sure tries again and again. It is so joyful to watch him walk.

I started sketching again

I am so happy that I am able to give a little time to my art. You can check my latest drawings here.

Watermelon in graphite pencil

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Surprise buy

I recently broke some of our forks trying to mash some fruits! So my husband bought two sets of forks. He sure mentioned he would get some forks during the grocery shopping. But, he got floral printed ones! He told, he thought that it would make me happy. He sure got that right! I was so excited to see the floral prints. I love flowers, they bring a smile to my face every time!

Forks- Floral prints on porcelain handle- isn’t this beautiful!?

Quick visit to fair oaks bridge

We had planned something different but when we reached the location the place was crowded. People were not wearing masks. We didn’t even get out of the car there and decided to go back home. On the way back home, we thought anyways we got ready, so why don’t we give a visit to the nearby bridge.

When we reached there the parking was almost full. The weather was nice and we went up to the bridge. As this is summer people were in the water, and not many people were on the bridge. So we had a nice walk on the bridge and took some pictures. It was very relaxing.

I love trees. So when I saw this wide beautiful tree I had to take some pictures.

Had to capture this beautiful tree.I love trees.

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Movie time

I watched two nice movies, Black Widow and Jungle Cruise. I used to watch TV shows like crazy. But now my husband updates me on the latest movies and TV shows. He is always interested in movies and TV shows. When he knows a good one he always asks me if I want to join him.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Thinking about happy moments makes us feel happy again. Stay happy and be positive.

What is your happy moment from the past month?


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