8-hours sleep and Me-Time

One month ago I challenged myself to find an 8 hours sleep schedule that works for me. Today I am here to say I did it. I found a good sleep schedule for me that is from 12 am to 8 am. This schedule works well for me now.

Read about my challenge here

Featured image is from pexel.

Sleep schedule

Making myself sleep early was hard. But my willingness to make some “me time” made me do it.

Schedule is important!

I feel, if I become very strict with the schedule it will fall back to the no schedule sleep again. So I allow myself (+ or -) 15 minutes or even more if needed on some days.

Being a mom, my schedule always depends on my baby’s schedule. My son sometimes sleeps a little late. Some other days he will wake up very very early and stay up for one or two hours wanting to play! So I adjust my schedule on those days accordingly.

Me Time

Some “me time” was really needed for me to continue my artwork. Finding a good sleep schedule really helped me in this. Also, I gave up my afternoon nap!

Sketching after 2 years!

My son takes a nap for about one to one and half hours in the afternoon. I too used to sleep at this time. I gave up this for the past month (except for one or two days). I made use of this time to work on my pending art videos and finally uploaded them to YouTube after two years!

Drawing practice – flowers and leaves

It feels so good to draw again after 2 years. I don’t get much time but I would like to draw and paint in the coming days. You can have a look at my art on Instagram or my other blog.

What would you like to do in your me-time? Comment below!


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