Best haircut for summer

7 months ago I chopped off my hair. I just had to shorten it because I couldn’t handle the long hair and the baby! I couldn’t go to saloon due to pandemic and lockdown. So I tied a ponytail and asked my mom to just cut right below the hairband. It was okay , not the great shape and style I wanted. But it felt good.

In 7 months my hair has grown considerably long and it was becoming more and more difficult to maintain. I must say cleaning the house is the most difficult part when you have a baby and hair is all over the carpet and your baby is afraid of the sound of vacuum cleaner.

Before haircut

I wanted to cut my hair for past two months and I was waiting for my COVID-19 vaccine to be done. The very next weekend I received the second shot of the vaccine I decided to get a haircut.

Last Saturday was a very hot day!! When I got down from the car and started walking towards the salon I could literally feel my skin burning and I had to hide my hands behind me from sun!

I asked the hairdresser that I wanted the length to be short and something that would suit me. I never had a very short haircut before. She was very nice to me and chose a very nice haircut. she even took pictures for me.

After – My new hairstyle

I know it do not look that short, my hair is kinda wavy and it looks shorter after the hair wash.

After the first hairwash

I love this new look and it is perfect for this summer. It is short as I wanted and it is not too short that I can’t put a ponytail. So when it is too hot I can still tie my hair up so that the neck also can have some fresh air !

I also wanted to get some highlights done. But it was too hot outside and I did not want my husband and son waiting for so long in the car. I am thinking to do that with my next hair cut. It would be my first time. I have no idea which color to choose ! Do you have any suggestion ? Hey that’s me in the picture below.

Birdwatching from my balcony

What is your favorite haircut/ hairstyle/ hair do or whatever you call it !? Do you keep changing your look ? Or do you prefer the same style?


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