Friends in kitchen

Cooking is happiness for some and for some others it is a chore. But I am somewhere in between!. Sometimes it gets me all existed if I am in the mood to cook something special and some days I just have to do it.

I cook daily for my family and some of the kitchen aids and appliances make my task easier. They are my friends in kitchen. Today you get to meet my kitchen friends!

1 . Toaster

This is a new addition to my kitchen and preparing breakfast and snack has become much easier.

Hamilton beach toaster
It is a new addition to my kitchen

2. Microwave

Microwave is a must have for quick snacks like popcorn and steamed veggies . It’s a life saver when it comes to reheating and defrosting.


3.Onion chopper

Progressive onion chopper
Onion chopper

The name says onion chopper but it does a lot more than that. I also use it to chop tomato, cucumber, potatos, beets etc.. It saves a lot of time while preparing salads and vegetable stir fry.

4. Spice grinder

This is my ‘go to’ for making ginger tea. I must say I used to make masala tea every day when I first bought this .

Handheld spice grinder

5. Slicer/grater

This is a must have for preparing many snack items like hash brown, vegetable sandwich, baby food, chips, fries etc

The more friends you have in the kitchen the more easy is cooking. The more you cook the more happy is your family.

Do you like cooking or you just do it? Who is your best friend in kitchen? Would love to hear your kitchen stories .

If you have read my previous post you would know cooking is one of my top challenges now. So am always up for making new friends! Do you have any friend suggestions to add to my kitchen? Let me know with your comments below.


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