Challenges as a mom and homemaker

I am a mom and homemaker and I face a lot of challenges on daily basis. Mainly to complete daily chores around the house. I am mentioning it because I would like to find solutions for those and implement it in my routine.

Top challenge list goes as below

  1. Waking up early
  2. Cooking
  3. Making time for myself
  4. Sleeping on time

1. Waking up early

Waking up before my kid wakes up is the main challenge. I used to wake up before my son during the first year when I had people to help me with the house chores, because I could sleep early because no chores to do. You get that right ?. But now I can only complete house chores once my son sleeps and then I go to sleep. Well, not directly, after checking the social media and watching videos on YouTube and browsing the internet for some tips and tricks, recipes etc. for hours! In short, I go to bed very late. But I would like to change it so that I will be able to wake up little bit early than my son. It will help me to prepare good breakfast for my family and later to cook meals.

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It has been months we have been eating the same breakfast every day. Once I manage to wake up early this is all going to change and I will be preparing yummy breakfast again.


Cooking in the morning is difficult for me. If I try to cook in the day time my son will be standing right behind me holding me and I can not move to get things done. Or he will be crying, or he wants me to play with him or go out to the balcony to watch birds, squirrels and cars! Sometimes half way though cooking I may need to change his diaper and I may forget to turn off the stove. Things get messy!

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So I prefer to cook in the evening for dinner and next days lunch when my husband looks after our son. I do cook on daily basis which I believe to be healthy. I recently started a small kind of meal prep, that is I some times cut vegetable ahead during the day or previous day. Nothing more than that.

Now, if I manage to wake up before my son, I will get lot of time to cook in the morning and my evening will be totally free! It means more time with family or time to do what I want to do.

3. Making time for myself

Every one has the same 24 hours per day, but still it is hard for some to find time to do things, while some other manage to do everything in a day. It all depends on how we manage our time and prioritize tasks.

Stop me !!

I think having a schedule for yourself is the key to stay focused and well planned. But it will be little difficult to stick to the schedule for a mom like me. And I have never done it before. But I would like to implement it in the near future. This will really help me to find more time for myself. I would need to start by waking up on a regular time (little early too) for first!

4. Sleeping on time

There are many house chores to be done after our son sleeps and then there will be a lot of watching TV, checking social media, etc.. It is hard to sleep on time if you don’t have the will power to do it.

Once you manage to stick to the schedule and wake up on a regular time this should be little easier. Everything is connected you see!

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Then again, for a mom like me , it also depends on baby’s schedule. But baby’s do follow a schedule even though they don’t know the importance of it . Isn’t it!?

Now, I challenge myself to wake up a little bit early, sleep a little bit soon daily and find a 8 hour sleep schedule that I am comfortable with. I am to planning to come up with a sleep schedule with in a month. I will be posting regular updates on my Instagram and Facebook page. Join me there to know more!

I am getting second shot of COVID-19 vaccine tomorrow. My hand was sore for two days after the first one and I heard second shot’s side effects will be worse. Also it is long weekend here. Hope you can see me working on my sleep schedule from Tuesday!

Happy 4th of July!

See you with next post. Until then take care , stay safe.


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